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Advice on equipment purchase and help setting it up.  Loan equipment available for those who want to try before they buy.


Individual training days or intro to tech classes to help you get it right from the start.


Learn how to conduct decompression - extending your range safely with mixed gases. ART through to Full Trimix available


Explore the wonderful world of caves and overhead diving with rigorous training.  Cavern through to Advanced Cave available.

TECH DIVER UK - who we are....

There was a time when just putting your head underwater was exciting, a new environment to explore, things to see.  Perhaps you want to see more - deep wrecks or caves perhaps, or maybe you want to get more comfortable in what you are already doing.  Training is no substitute for time spent diving but a good instructor who has pursued the most challenging diving themselves can use this experience to help you gain proficiency in new skills and achieve safer, more enjoyable dives.  Tech Diver UK is delighted to offer training only with instructors who can offer the unique insight that extensive experience of technical diving brings.


Don't forget though - diver training can be purchased but certification is always earned.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 13:24

Al and I have managed a few cave trips this year but haven’t been to Florida together for two years, visiting Mexico, France and the Dom Rep instead. I spent most of October there training but Al wasn’t able to join me. The dives then were therefore work, apart from the last weekend when I did a support session at Turner and then got to dive Indian for the first time. This prove so good, I made arrangements to go back as soon as possible – this time with my normal buddy.

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Project Pedestal PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 11:43

Spring – Autumn 1942, Malta was locked in a fight for survival that would determine the whole course of Word War 2. As Britain’s main Naval Base in the Mediterranean, located in the narrow channel between North Africa and Sicily, the island’s strategic importance was huge. Malta’s airfield formed the base for an English squadron of Spitfires whose air support was so crucial to Montgomery in his North Africa Campaign against Rommel’s Dessert Rats. The Axis forces of Italy and Nazi Germany realised that the campaign hung in the balance, and the key was disabling this air support from Malta. The island, even now, has very few of its own natural resources, and was totally dependant on convoys of supplies arriving from the UK.

In early 1942, these supplies were running very low, but most crucially, fuel to keep the Spitfires flying. The convoy of April 1942 had been all but wiped out by Italian and German submarines and MTBs out of Sicily, plus the many minefields laid around the Maltese Islands and German Stuka Divebombers who relentlessly attacked the supply ships and their escorts.

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Normoxic Trimix - Malta report PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 23 May 2011 12:07

"Clare and Howard pushed us out of our comfort zone and our diving greatly improved as a result. We ended being completely comfortable with complex failures and our skill levels greatly improved. What is more is that we have both taken away things to work on and continually improve and we all gained three new potential dive buddies! I would like to thank both Clare and Howard for an excellent week, it was thoroughly enjoyable."

Olly Simmonds writes about his Normoxic Trimix class in Malta....

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Why a hog looped long hose PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 15 May 2011 11:28


It was the principle of a long hose which first made me think about hogarthian kit set up - and later DIR. Having tried to make an out of gas ascent whilst in a pool whilst training I realised how uncomfortable this was when happy and unstressed and didn't want to imagine how difficult it would be on a shot line with a long ascent to do. There is an alternative system that has many benefits over the standard system described above. This involves having your primary regulator on a 7ft long hose and your back-up regulator on a standard length hose.  The 7ft hose is routed so that it points down from the regulator 1st stage, runs down along the tank, across the chest, around the neck and then into the mouth. For obvious reasons do not try and wrap this hose around your neck multiple times.

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Dominican Republic - a different destination PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 19 May 2011 16:20

We are certainly not bored with the normal cycle of Florida, Mexico and France but the opportunity arose to get in a couple of days diving in the Dominican Republic.

Booked on a family holiday, resigned to the prospect of perhaps a few days reef diving there, which is OK diving but not great, we leapt at the opportunity to go see some new caves.

Trying to find out about the caves in advance proved a little difficult as there were not too many photographs immediately available so Alastair stole most of the children's baggage allowance and worked out how to get his DSLR and strobes into a conventional holiday baggage allowance.

I hope seeing what he managed to capture you will agree that it was worth it!

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Clare Pooley

There are few women active at the top of technical diving, but one of the most active is Clare Pooley.

Teaching for both GUE and IANTD, Clare Pooley can be found underwater anywhere from cold water deep wreck dives to the crystal clear Mexican caves, enjoying single tank reef dives through to mixed gas multi stage/scooter cave dives in the colder waters of France or here at home.

Clare teaches OC diving in the DIR style in the UK and in Europe, encouraging streamlined gear and good technique in all students whether they seek intro tech, trimix or cave certification.

Skills videos

BACK KICK


SMB deployment



FROG KICK


Valve drill

VALVE DRILL 




Howard Payne

Howard Payne is passionate about open circuit technical training and considers himself fortunate to have learned from visionary explorers Phil Short, Jarrod Jablonski and Richard Lundgren.

Now teaching exclusively for IANTD, Howard runs open circuit technical courses to normoxic trimix level both here in the UK and in the warm, clear waters of Malta.

Although he loves UK diving, even he would concede that there's nothing quite like running a mix course on a wreck like the Le Polynesien! Howard is currently involved with a deep wreck exploration project in Malta but he also has a long-standing love for cave diving.


Courses we offer

Individual Training DaysNot sure what you want - but know you could do with some guidance?


Intro to Tech

An excellent introduction to technical diving - often better done prior to equipment purchase so that options can be discussed with your instructor to avoid expensive mistakes!


Advanced Recreational Trimix

This qualifies divers to dive to 48m and to perform staged decompression for a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

Read more... Trimix

The IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver program is designed to train divers who wish to dive to 60m using staged decompression. Trimix affords a means of managing nitrogen narcosis by reducing the Equivalent Narcotic Depth of a dive to assist comfort and safety.


GUE Fundamentals. This four day course is designed to cultivate the essential skills required by all sound diving practice, irrespective of level or environment.



Cavern Diver Trains the diver in the equipment, skills and procedures which are required to dive safely in the overhead environment of a cavern.


Intro Cave - for your introduction to the world of cave diving, the IANTD Introductory Cave Diver program is the perfect place to start.


IANTD Full Cave Diver program is designed to take the diver through all training necessary to conduct dives in the cave diving environment.


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Offering a different approach

Selecting and purchasing training can be daunting.  Is it the right class for me? Will I be ready? Is the instructor right for me? Do I have enough experience?  Will I like the diving?  Will it be worth it?  - all questions that went through my mind when I started out.

Instead of selling classes or certification, TechDiverUK sells diver training.  You purchase a number of days and we will work on getting you where you want to be.  Obviously we will give you an indication of how many days any class takes as a minimum and will do what we can to help you achieve the standard in that given time but if you need more, or want more time because you have come to us a little rusty or a little anxious then you can choose to set aside more time right at the start - or afterwards if you feel you need more instruction to complete the class.   Takes the pressure off a bit and let yourself relax and learn - that is our aim.

Any questions - do get in touch.


What students say....

We all like feedback....  it's why we do it!

An outstanding course,well taught and presented by the best divers i have ever had the chance of spending time with.This course has given me the skill set and confidence in my own ability to progress to a more technical style of diving,which i will do in due course.I would reccomend this course to anyone,especially with this instructor,very happy with the whole process.

I found Clare to be an outstanding educator who is 100% dedicated to producing skilled divers and filling them with same level of enthusiasm that she is overflowing with. I found the course itself to be very worthwhile and was impressed that it offered so much to all the participants, who varied in experience from a recenly-qualified diver with fewer than 50 dives to a long-standing instructor with several thousand dives under his belt.

This was an excellent course professionally delivered by instructors with a wealth of experience.    Read more...